Kenosha's BEST Poker Club

Welcome to my club page! 

I am 4th Street Events LLC! 
aka 4th Street Poker Club Kenosha!

Aka "Turk"!

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'4th Street Poker Club-Kenosha'

     Game Structure:

  • Sign-in 30 minutes before any game
  • 1K Bonus chips for early arrival
  • 1k Bonus chips for bringing another player
  • 1K Bonus chips for tagging 4th Street + Venue on Social Media
  • Buy in until break  (90 mins into tourney)
  • $5 optional "Club-Tip" = 5k additional chips (Max 2 club-tips)
  • 15 levels- Break at 90 minutes
  • Blind lengths start at 25 minutes 
  • Unlimited 're-buy's' allowed during the first 90 minutes
  • Optional $10.00 'top-up' at intermission
  • Pub tab receipts earn you extra chips at break time (food + drinks
  • Extra chips awarded for buying a "round" for your table 
  • Final Table hosts final 8 players (no extra chips at final table)
  • Game ends when 1 person remains or final 2 or 3 players "chop" the prize
  • Cash Payouts at every tournament- determined by number of players + rebuys. ($400-$1,500 is typical)
  • Cash Payout: 100% Buy-in & 100% rebuys. (Club tips + top-up's do not get added to the payout pot)
  • Final Table Photo, Winner/Champion Chain Photo!
  • Final 3 players are "Podium Winners" and are added to our quarterly tourneys! (Next is in October!)