4th Street Poker Club is Kenosha County Wisconsin's premier league for Texas Hold'em tournaments. In partnership with local Kenosha-area businesses, 4SPC hosts regularly scheduled table games of Texas Hold'em poker. Established in 2023, 4th Street's standards are set high with polished gameplay, established rules and guidelines. Our Tournament Directors are educated and experienced and will provide a professional and structured experience for you to enjoy Texas Hold'em poker each and every time you play. Compete against dozens of other players for an epic battle to reach the final table! Raise them or go all-in to try and finish 1st! An entry fee is required to play and in exchange, you'll receive a colorful stack of 13.5 gram professional-grade clay chips to use as your currency to fight your way to the podium! During play, you can earn extra chips each time you purchase food or drink for yourself or others. If you are eliminated at any time during the game (before the final-table) you have the opportunity to "re-buy" back into the tournament (unlimited first 90 minutes) &  allowed (1) rebuy after 90 minutes. At intermission, you'll be eligible to purchase a 'Top-Up' of chips to pad your stack to help your chances of getting to the finish line. Each tournament is structured to be 5 hours long with short breaks, an intermission, and a final table. The winner of each tournament will receive a cash prize, a VERY COVETED Champion Chain and their name atop our leaderboard! Look under our GAME LOCATIONS tab to see where you can join in each week to climb your way to the top! Additional perks of this league include: Computer sign-in/check in for a more accurate roster/score-keeping/attendance, Paypal, Venmo, and cash App QR codes for flexibility on buy-in fees, Zelle also available, merchandise, weekly raffles/drawings/giveaways, trophies and more! 

Please reach out to 4thStreeteventsllc@gmail.com with any questions you have!